aberrant Abe – origin story


trigger warning: suicide, child abuse

“Who’s your daddy?”

A shrill scream.


Little Abe had loved playing catch with his old man; he’d throw Little Abe up in the air and deftly catch him amidst shrill laughters. It was one of Little Abe’s favorite outdoor games notwithstanding how easily his bravado was blown away by the rush of wind when he came tumbling down into his father’s big arms.

It’s been eight years since then; father had died from cancer. He didn’t cry much at the funeral as his only repose was his belief that father was now with mother whom he had missed so much. Sometimes he wondered if it’d be okay to join them instead of living in the seminary with the priests and the other orphans. He knows his bestfriend Thomas would cry but eventually get over it.

“Abe!” a stern voice snaps him out of his reverie. “Why are you absentminded today?” a slight hint of annoyance in the voice.

‘Ambfsowefadarr’ his response comes in a muffled slur, almost choking on the member currently occupying his mouth.

“You’re sorry?” a smirk, “no, not yet my dear Abe.” He withdraws his throbbing member and utters a command that sends chills down Abe’s spine.

“Bend over.”

He unwillingly complies, knowing it’s futile to resist otherwise.

“You can take it this time, right?”

He shakes his head left to right with dread as he feels the cool viscous liquid being smeared all over his small derrière… then, a long pause killing him with suspense.

“Who’s your daddy?”

A shrill scream.



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