A Loose End

I met my woman off Twitter and we’ve been together for over a year now. Like she says, I have a way with words, so it wasn’t surprising that she was always liking my tweets especially when I did social commentaries on the timeline.

She looked gorgeous in her avi and I had to scroll through eight months worth of memes and gifs in her Twitter media to see another picture of her, just to confirm she wasn’t a catfish or anything. We had been keeping it casual on the TL, being subtle with innuendos in each other’s mentions. I bided my time for a good opportunity to slide into her dms and I didn’t have to wait too long for that to happen. She had posted a photo of a yam meal she prepared earlier that day and I shared the tweet into her dm later that evening telling her about how I wasn’t a big fan of yam but I’d love to eat her poona’ni. It was either a hit or a miss, and the eight minutes I waited till her reply came through made my stomach churn because I started second guessing the attempt. She laughed, saying I was corny but she liked it. I flirted some more, she flirted back and by the end of the night she had already confessed she was already lowkey crushing on me and my wits.

We met for a movie date later that week and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you she was even more gorgeous than the photos I found while stalking her account. The smell of her by my side was a welcomed distraction and I could hardly pay attention to what was showing.

“What’s on your mind?” she asked me, “you seem distracted.”

I got flustered and frankly admitted that though we were seeing a movie at the cinema I was fantasizing about making a home movie with her because of how good she smells. She paused chewing the popcorn she had in her mouth and peered intently at me; in the semi-darkness, with some illumination coming from the giant cinema screen, I could see her eyebrows subtly twitch as if making her mind.

It’s been sixteen months now and we’ve been dating since then. It’s largely been a wonderful experience so far but the relationship has hit a slump lately and this started about two months ago. We’ve openly admitted we’ve lost some of the luster we once had and have made conscious efforts to keep the relationship afloat but the results have not been as lasting as desired.

I know I’m coming off as being alienated from the relationship but don’t get me wrong, we both still love each other very much; it’s just that things aren’t as hot as they used to be, probably something about a missing spice – which brings me to the crust of my story. I have been on a mission to find that spark to keep the engine that is our relationship, running in pristine condition.

During one of our intimate moments, a sex-sion if I may, I joked about tying her up aggressively impaling her till she cried out ‘Daddy’ – a remark which caught her off-guard. It turned out what I intended as a joke aroused her so much she beamed at the thought and decided that we should do it. Over the course of the following days we looked up the intricacies of bondage over social accounts and the internet at large and prepped towards the session. The process in itself gave a new surge to our relationship; the sexual tensions came with more sparks than a faulty transformer at Bortianor. Imagine having a meeting and all you can think of is how to make a square knot because you’ve been reading tutorials in your spare time; or receiving attachments from your woman saying “tie me up like this, daddy”.

We mutually agreed to stay off having our usual bouts of sex in anticipation of our indulgence of this new experience and the sexual tension was killing me as much as it did her. During the period she became a manifestation of the Greek goddess of seduction, Peitho, because I could walk into the kitchen and this lovely woman would be in just her pioto. She left me with blue balls for several hours on end. I would be the hall watching a movie and receive nudes from her in the adjoining bedroom, well behind a locked door. Bedtimes were always war because she teasingly rubs her scantily clad ass against my eager manhood and fondles my throbbing erection which didn’t know any better of the torture it had to endure.

The thought of the scheduled night and all the ways I will make her pay when I have her tied up is the only thing that gives me relish during these moments; and that night is tomorrow. Her body is about to be a loose-end because I’m going tie it all up.

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