This site is run by multiple personalities but I’ll introduce three Welbie’s for now:

“Welcome to the portfolio of Welbie, a place where you can explore genius illustrations of art made to interact with everyday objects and scenery – among other forms of digital illustrations. The artist creates refreshing artworks with a satisfying dash of humour. One of the principles that defines this talented artist is a unique perspective of establishing a relatable interaction and narrative in all aspects of his artworks. Take a moment to look through the gallery, and get in touch for more information.”
– Welbie, The Artist

“Hey there, I see my environment from an unusual perspective and love capturing them on my phone. *inserts a deep quote about photography and how capturing moments from a unique perspective brings some form of fulfillment as one aspires to be in sync with the feng shui*
 Welbie, The Photographer

“Flash fiction is my thing. My favorite writings are the ones where I twist a true story to an extent where I wonder which parts were actually real and which parts aren’t. Pidgin too be my vibe chale.”
– Welbie, The Writer

This site is an embodiment of my art – from illustrations and other forms of visual art to flash fiction story writing. I really intend to make it as diverse as possible to attract art-lovers. This site also features works of other dope artists.

Special thanks to Carl Aryee for hooking me up with the set up for this site; And to K. Manu for being my go-to technical support in the creation of this site.

A creative space where you can explore diverse art forms. Skpaish!

Social Links:

Instagram – @excusemyart

Facebook – @excusemyart

Twitter – @Welbie_

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  1. Very creative, personally I applaud the creativity behind the illustrations. Takes a very creative mind to think in such way. The ideas and the approach is like non I’ve come across. 💯👏

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