1692 in A’salem Down

hi attafoe,

there’s a lot i wanted to say to you at the town fair yesterday but there were too many people around, especially your father; that man scares me.

i know it seems like i have been avoiding you since i accidentally discovered your secret in the woods a week ago, and i’m sorry for the anxiety i must have put you through since i just took off. i needed time to come to terms with what i think i saw and that’s settled now.

if you were a meal, you’d be gari fɔtɔ because you’re quite the witch – wo tu. and i’m not saying that’s a problem; the way i see it, you can definitely ride this broomstick. needless to say, my position about you has not changed. i only ask that you’re selfish with me, my heart already belongs to you.

you know they burn witches at stake in this town but i would rather you have a burning desire to be mine. just to be clear, this isn’t a threat at all. the other girls find me intimidating because i’m the executioner’s son, but not you; that’s why i found you bewitching even before the fiasco in the woods.

i know a fair number of big words but you’ve cast a spell on me that leaves me speechless at most times. can i be your owl? because i’m trying to woo you.

it’s a full moon tomorrow night, be careful not to be out past sundown. i overheard my father making plans with the town councilor about a street patrol after dark. i have to go now, see you later.


nana sarfo.

ps: you’re the most beautiful girl in a’salem down.

image illustrated by author

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