In our quest to achieve utmost independence from the validation of others in order to justify our actions and obtain a sense self-worth, I think it’s sometimes necessary and reassuring to hear it from others that, “you’re: great, or funny, or awesome, or needed, or loved, or appreciated, or a nice person,” and the rest of those mushy sentimental accolades we often vow to ourselves not to give a damn about.

It’s true I don’t care about what you think of me, (at this point, I’d like to say if you don’t think I’m a wonderful, humorous, North-Pole-super-cool person then your existence is irrelevant to me. Bye.)… ok back to my train of thought… So yea, it’s true I don’t care about what you think of me but if I do something praiseworthy (which is like, most of the time *you better not roll your eyes*), then please be sure to appreciate, pamper and praise me with all loving-overcooked-spaghetti-soaked-in-creamy-milk-with-vanilla-ice-cream-on-the-side-mushiness; as I feign my annoyance and surprise at your profound admiration and tell you it’s nothing to laud me about.

I do speak for everyone who feels the same way. You may not know, but a single gesture of appreciation goes a long way to urge someone to continue doing whatever. Most often, saying we don’t care about others’ opinions of us is only just our resolve to strive and do whatever we desire to do when the needed support is not forthcoming. So yes, we don’t care if you support us or not. We’re stubborn like that. Support/Compliment/Praise/Appreciate someone today.

You better be proud of us, damn it!

“There’s nothing exceptional about you” “You’re too-know” “You think you’re all that”
Ugh, whatevsss…

*inserts a host of ethereal self-imposed titles and laurels*


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