Morning Rounds

It was a fine Monday morning, the streets already bustling with various activities. I willingly joined the moving crowd and allowed myself to be led by the throng of people who were rushing off to the station to board buses to their various places of work. I didn’t look too shabby for the nature of my work and I felt pretty good about my morning rounds. I kept an even pace as I moved towards the lorry-station, scanning the crowd as I moved along.

Just ahead of me, less than fifty yards, I  saw someone discreetly pull a wallet out of the back pocket of a man who clearly had a lot on his mind that morning. I smiled and shook my head as I quickened my pace to alert him of the foul-move. I didn’t get to him on time though, the pickpocket had already snuck past his unsuspecting victim, almost vanishing into the crowd.
“Hey.. Hey Mister!” I called out when I got to him. I had to tap him on his shoulder before he fully realized he was being called.
“Mister, check your back pocket, I think someone just stole your wallet.” He stopped and turned to look at me, trying to comprehend what I was saying. “Your pocket… You’ve been robbed,” I said to him again, losing my patience at his slowness to react, “that’s the guy who robbed you up ahead.” I pointed to the pickpocket who was a few meters ahead, about to make it to a curve.

It finally hit him, he frantically emptied his pockets trying to find his wallet. “I’ve been robbed” he yelled, “…my money!Yes, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you dummy… I pointed up ahead at the pickpocket who was at the curve now. Mr. Victim looked up just in time to see the thief disappear behind the bend. By this time other people had stopped to witness the drama unfolding, and the street hawkers could already be heard concocting tales of similar pickpocketing.

“Did you see him? The stupid thief… Show me where he went… I don’t have time for delinquents of society.” I just stood there looking at him, such a smug personality. I used the opportunity to assess his general appearance: A decent suit, a nice wristwatch, a briefcase..
“Eh? Stupid thief? I know where he went off to, follow me.” I took the lead, towards the direction of the escaping thief. We took off jogging. “Can you hurry up young man…if it’s money, I can pay you for your help.” I just smiled and continued jogging as we made the curve into the secluded area, out of public sight.

We moved just a few more meters when I quickly spun and pushed him to fall, his briefcase clattering across the ground. I rushed to remove his wristwatch and took his iPhone from his right pocket. I knew it’d be there because I keenly watched him earlier as he frantically searched through his pocket for his wallet; Then I took off running.
“Delinquents of society erhn?” I yelled back at him, laughing out loud with his briefcase clutched to my chest. I made a detour to the agreed rendezvous point where I knew Akoto would be waiting for me with a stolen wallet.

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