She thought it was her heightened sense of paranoia but she still couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was being followed. She walked on. She had no idea where she was or how she got there, her mind was all fuzzy. “Have I been drinking?” she mused. Well, she doubted she had. It was all quiet around her as she continued walking along the pavement and the sparse street lamps did little to abate her fear of the dark. The only sounds she could hear were her heavy breathing, due to chilly night weather, and the footfalls of her walking. She loved her Toms.

Then she heard it again; Footsteps.

She whirled around quickly but saw no one in sight. She stood there by herself under the lone spot of the streetlight, which had cast a seemingly eerie glow around her.

“Weird,” she thought, “maybe it’s just my paranoia kicking in again.” She hadn’t moved more than 10 yards when she heard it again, but she was too slow to react. In a matter of seconds she could feel her mind dulling, being dragged into a state of blurry oblivion. She tried frantically to snatch off her captor’s mask, but he had a firm grip on her. Her mouth got muffled before she could even get her screams out, then she felt her body go limp: Gagged, Drugged, Darkness.


“Uhhhn-mmnn,” a sleepy groan escaped her lips. She felt groggy from being drugged with a gag. She slowly gained consciousness, horrified. There she lay in a stranger’s bed, bound tightly at her wrists. Looking at herself, she realized she was clad in just her lace bra and matching panty. She gasped and struggled against her bonds but felt it pressing tightly against her soft skin. She stopped. Looking around the room, she realized it was oddly clean. The bed on which she lay was neat and she even loved the feel of the bedsheets against her bare skin. “How do i get this thing off my wrists?” She looked at the velvet strips which bound her wrists to the bedpost. Once more she she tried maneuvering her hands out of her velvet-cuffs but like earlier trials, felt it pressing tightly against her wrists, causing her some pain. She couldn’t help but feel impressed with her captor’s adept knotting skill. A slight crease formed across her forehead as she frowned at the numb feeling starting to spread through her arm. Being in that position for long, she had the urge to scratch her arm due to itching.

“Giving up already?”

Her heart skipped a beat. Her captor stood in the doorway looking intently at her. “How long has he been standing there watching me?” she wondered, now fully conscious of her scantily clad body. A heavy pause hung in the room as she stared at her captor, who stood shirtless at the doorway, returning her stare squarely. The only reason she was not screaming her lungs out for help was because she feared she might anger her captor and get badly treated, in spite of what ever this was. He seemed to notice this too and he couldn’t help but smirk under the circumstance. Her eyes hungrily drunk in his athletic features as moved across the room and shut the windows, which was allowing a chilly draft into the room. He reached the bed in three long strides, grinning at her as he did. She felt a sinking sensation in her stomach as she thought of the possibilities of what could happen next.

He settled next to her on the bed and traced his finger along the entire length of her arm, which was still bound to the bedpost. She got the chills. She gulped, holding her breath the entire time, as he continued to trace the outline of her jaw with his finger. He placed his hands on her full breasts and was quite surprised to to find them already firm. He smiled. “They want to come out to play” he said in a hissing sound, as he fervently continued to fondle her breasts.

Huhhhn,” the sound escaped her lips before she knew it. She bit her lips as if it would bring back the silent moan she just let out. He smiled again, not pausing his hand gestures. The night had taken an unexpected turn for her. She had no idea where she was or who her captor was, and here she lay in the stranger’s bed, bound. The whole setting was some kind of adventure for her and she felt mildly turned on by it. For some weird reason she felt she was not in any mortal danger. Knowing that there was no foreseeable escape for her, she resolved to give in to whatever this was. It seemed to her it was just going to be nothing but one wild night. Besides, it’s been ages since she got some herself.

He read her resolve in her eyes, and moved in to nibble her ears. “O you naughty stranger, you want this, don’t you?” he whispered at her. She could feel his breath, hot on the back of her neck and could even smell the strawberry scent of the shower gel he used shortly before he came into the room. She could feel her temperature quickly rising, and could do nothing to stop the wetness slowly spreading in her core. “Yes I want this Mr. Stranger,” she whispered back, “take off  my panty before I ruin it with my juices.”

He kissed her shoulder and made his way down to her navel, kissing it all the way. She didn’t even realize when her bra got unstrapped and all she could feel was her nipples being rubbed to a pinky bud. He suckled hard on her left nipple, as he caressed the right boob amidst her uuuhhs and aaahhs. She shuddered momentarily, as she came for the first time that night.

Untie my hands,” she managed to let out amidst her moans. He did… she pulled him closer towards her and ran her hands through his hair. He moved in and crushed his lips on hers hard, brushing her tongue aside easily as he devoured her mouth in a long passionate kiss. He felt her quiver slightly beneath his touch as his hands moved downwards, caressing her inner thighs.

“Yes i need this, it’s been too long,”  she thought as she felt herself getting lost in her own world.


She slowly opened her eyes, slightly blinded by the bright overhead lighting. “Mmbvxzfaxk,” she mumbled in gibberish. She looked around and realized the section was almost empty. “Damn I’m still here.” Tired from reading her boring handouts, she had drifted off into her usual daydreaming. She checked her time: 22:03. Is it still daydreaming if it’s in the night? She tossed the thought to the recess of her mind, making a mental to note to ask her roommate who shared this kind of subtle humors with her. What made that sound earlier? She looked down to find a big textbook lying on the floor. It fell and made that thumping sound rudely waking her up from her daydream nightdream daydream. She looked at her watch again, “the library would even close in a few minutes time, lemme pack up.” She couldn’t believe she was caught up in her fantasies again. “They are becoming more sporadic now, fifth time today,” she muttered to herself, “maybe i need a guy in my life.” She finally checked out of the library and headed for her apartment. She looked at her watch again: 22:19. She descended the stairs at the library’s entrance and took a turn down the pavement as she enjoyed the night breeze. It was quiet but she liked it and looked forward to a night long of watching movie series. She suddenly caught some brisk movement out of the corner of her eyes but continued walking on. Then she heard it:


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