No one takes a shower quicker than a guy who just received the “I’m in your neighborhood” text from his crush; Or so they say, but my situation was quite different. I was in no apparent rush as I took my shower and I wasn’t even bothered that she was on my bed, waiting for me to finish up.

I could feel the weight of my soapy balls as I rinsed myself, allowing the thoughts of her sweet fragrance to fill my mind. Oh yes, she always smelled nice and soon, she’ll make me smell nice too. I heard the bed creak, maybe it’s in my head, but I shouldn’t be keeping her waiting.

I came out of the shower and she was still there on my bed, right where I left her… Of course, where else would she be? I looked at her with a cocky grin on my face, towel wrapped around my waist – oh hell yeah I’m out of the shower now. I childishly ran across the room turning the key in the door knob. Three metallic clicks confirmed that we now had the room exclusively to ourselves.

I came back to stand by my bed, looking down at her as she lay on the bed. I could see the areas where I usually pressed her into releasing her desired contents into my palm. She fits perfectly into my hand and there were those moments I had to go the extra mile by turning her upside down, squeezing her gently at the right places, to get her gushing out into my palm.

It’d been a long relationship, but we’ve had our rough patches. She cheated, I cheated more. She let my roommate press her, I got even with two other. She did same with my younger brother, but I didn’t get enough proof and almost let it slide. It got to a time where I didn’t fancy her fragrance anymore so I got a side thang. I didn’t like others using her too but I missed her, we got over issues. She rebranded, I got back my appeal for her and I’m glad she was still here with me.

I still stood there before her, wanting her all over my body, claiming my body as hers, marking me with her scent. I picked her up and squeezed her where I knew she was most responsive, only that this time I got nothing out of her. I stood there feeling cold, getting goosebumps all over my arms and back as I gently squeezed one more time only to get tiny droplets in my outstretched palm.

Shit! I’ve ran out of Vaseline, how do I put lotion on my body now? I throw away the empty container, quite disappointed.

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