A Bloody Hell…

The year is 1877, a group of five vampires have come together to establish a hospital. The establishment, brilliantly schemed, is to accord them access to a steady supply of blood – blood they don’t have to hunt for.

The idea, conceived as a result of their utter laziness though they’d never admit to it, was to have relatives of patients donate blood in lieu of payment of the hospital bills.

They later realize however that managing a hospital, and a blood bank for that matter, is far more tedious than they had imagined.

In the first three weeks, they experience a boom in patronage as news of a seemingly free healthcare facility was attending to patients with just blood donation as payment. As such, they quickly reach the allocated quota of blood they need to keep them fed comfortably for a month, even with all the snack-blood in-between.

Per their research, they realize donated-blood takes about a-month-and-two-weeks to expire thus they couldn’t keep more than the allocated quota at a time.

In the face of apparent flop of their well-thought-out scheme, the five vampires once again come up with another idea to solve their dilemma. A Blood Debiting System:

Relatives of patients who aren’t charged immediately with blood donation, are to come back later to make requital as the blood bank gets depleted.

Thus, the operation flourishes again albeit for a brief period of time.
As it turns out, humans are quick to forget and misconstrue the delicate balance of favor and render of service. Relatives of now-cured-patients, continually fail to heed to the summons to fulfill their obligation of blood donation, now due.

Gradually, the establishment fails and collapses. In the aftermath, the founders realize they put in more work running an allegedly ‘less-tedious’ way to feed themselves than it would’ve actually cost them to hunt.

The year now is 1878, a group of five vampires have come together to hunt. Each holds a copy of a list of debtors – debtors whom they’ve come to collect pints of blood from, with interest.

A bloody hell begins…

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