“Love Is Enough” they said. 

They say ‘Love Is Blind’ so ano know why this girl ein eye red for my money.

Gave her half my pay about a week ago but this hunny,

already dey here dey want more..

Olivia Twist,

abeg cool down for me, me sef today ano chop, so wosop.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

But why say my Love No Be Enough for you;

Everyday buy me this, buy me that..

Small telenovela you watch, now you turn copycat.

Somebody help me please, I fallen in love with a galamsey operator.

Like… this girl is a proper gold digger;

I now understand what she means when she says,

“you’re MINE!”

She dey drain me pass Odawna.

She sanso dey choke my flow.. like Odawna.

Ein life start dey toss.. like Odawna.

“Seize The Bae”, but be like this girl want seize my wallet;

She always dey dump shit put my top, like some toilet;

She’s only renting out her love to me, like a Store-To-Let.

Rydee I taya… Be like Love, really no be enough chale.

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