She Take Dash Me

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I get some job gig last week plus some cool agency bi like that. Dem dey phyll my art and tings so dem holla me say make I come through for some one-two briefing. We slot everything for 9 a.m. Ano dey play with time schedules so by 8:20 a.m. then I already dey there dey chork it for dema cool AC waiting room.

I really no mind say I go there too early, after all, then ebi money-move.. wey you know say time be money. Then ebi me pɛ adey chork it for there, so I just relax dey press my phone. E do aa then people dey pass-by but ano really dey spy them, my phone naa my mind dey top.


I hear say somebody call me. Wey then ebi female voice. My heart kut small because nobody for here know me by that name so then edey mean say this person know me personally. As I raise my head then ebi-


Ei Naana. Then ano sure if ebi am cuz then the girl dey pack some serious ass.

“It’s really you, Welbie. Wow.”

‘Wow’ deɛ ‘wow’ mohm, because Naana dey really hold some nice body now, herh.

“Hello Naana.. fancy seeing you here! How have you been?”

Then I just dey grin. She ask what adey come do for there wey I tell am say I get some meeting for some gig. Apparently, she dey work for there.

So the thing be say, me then Naana be paddies as we dey school. I come know am through my homie, wey then we all dey some student group inside for campus. Then we dey vibe forken. But you know dem things wey as you finish school everybody dey part ways dey go do ein own hustling and things, so uno dey hear from your body again – yea, that be the same situation with Naana.

She come sit my body for the couch top wey wonna reminiscing start. She just dey kai kai some vibes and linkops we do as we dey school. I just dey watch am plus ein body all. As she mohm she dey kai the past, then me too adey imagine how the coming future go dey plus am. Hehe. Adey pick my mind because chale..

“Welbie, do you remember the night you came to spend at my place?”

All of a sudden I make alert.

Wey night wey night wey nigh- oh yeah I kai.

“Oh yes that night. Hehehe. What about it?”

I no want kai that night but I kai. That gbɛkɛ I go bed ein body for some couple of hours. Like I want move to am but what e happen sef?

“Oh nothing. I just remembered it.” She reply then just smile.

True, nothing happen. We just talk about some random stuff throughout the night wey we bed. Now that adey think about am sef, then she dey feel me lowkey at the time.

As adey sit the couch top plus am, I just eye am. She come make nice forken; by that, ano dey mean say she no nice as we school o.. she just come get some extra spice now. Ein B-cups draw some neat lines for the shada she dey wear inside like some form-3 boy ein pre-tech work. Wey then ein ass too really arrange for the jeans she dey wear inside, like some d-bee Motown boy ein chopbox inside.

She playfully hit my thigh say e chill, adey watch am too much. She laugh. She catch me but ano shy. She tinop, pull me up say make we go ein office. I watch the wall clock, 8:26 a.m. I get loose 30 minutes and some coins till e go knack 9 for my meeting. As she dey lead me go ein office all then ebi ein ass adey spy.

We go base for ein office dey vibe. She offer me juice but I tell am say that no be what I go like drink. Wey I look ein brezz.

“Herh behave.” She giggle.

Then adey sit the chair top edey ein desk ein front, wey she too she just chork it for the desk top for my front there norr. Ei settings? 

“Naana.. you come make fine o.” Then I really want tell am my mind make I see wosop.

“Hahah, is that so?” She look away like she dey shy, “thank you.”

“Oh yea, true ting.” I tinop from the chair top go stand ein front directly. “See, eno be say you be some average girl but, I mean you tsɛɛ.”

“Hahaha ah chale” I make she laugh. Be like my pun click instantly – wey I know say she dey like these things. “So what exactly do you want?”, she biz me.

Kaish. I clear my throat wey I grab ein hand, wey I look am straight in the eye:

“You see, in dioecious species where the male and female reproductive systems are on separate plants, birds, bees, and other insects collect pollen from the male flower and carry it to the female flower. In other words, I want to stigma pistil in your ovaries.”

“Oh my!” Be like I borst ein mind.

She clasp ein hands dey watch me in stunned silence, wey me too adey hold ein gaze. For like 10 seconds then we just dey stare at each other. There norr I see for ein eyes inside say she too she pick ein mind. She spy ein watch ask me say wey time be my meeting wey I tell am say 9. Then she calmly walk to the door, wey all I hear be krɛ krɛ – she turn the key for the knob inside lock am.

Skpaish! Me dix oo me dix.

She move straight towards me then hop put my top wey she start dey chew my lips like ebi Parlays biscuits. Then she dey wear jeans but I fit tell say ein ass really soft – e make bɔdɔɔ like banku wey the bankye mmɔri chaw pass the aburo mmɔri small. See, me abi ticklish person.. so as we dey do wey she nibble my left ear, some electric pass through my spine wey e kik my body all. I carry am sit the desk top, wey I raise ein left leg take chork my armpit under like ebi dondo, wey I start dey press ein duna and ti-

“Ahem! Excuse me, Sir.”

“Yes, doc?”

“Mr. Welbeck, I just asked if you’re sexually active because your lab report here says you’ve caught gonorrhea. A simple ‘yes’ would’ve sufficed, instead of going on to tell me the lewd details of your recent sexscapade.”

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