Adey Kai

Adey kai as I start move to you fresh

Then ano get job but as you biz me say what adey do, I tell you say I be developer

Ano really lie mohm, because yea, then adey develop feelings give you

Adey kai, eno tsɛɛ biaa wey you come spend the night for my there

That gbɛkɛ then udey do lasi-lasi so ano touch you

Then next morning-T, as the sun comot then you already tear some nice cho put don, like ebi photosynthesis

I phyll you forken, wey eno be say I even get green pigment

Adey kai, the first time you take dash me

Then I figa say me I look sharp but that day you mohm you eat me

You chop me like firewood, then the ogya all dey ma top

You take my shua play tatis as the korti dey your maff like whistle

Ohemaa Referee, because as you blow the whistle norr, pipii, wey the match end

Adey kai waa, some day you call me Tapoli,

Sake of you naa you see say adey grind hard make I get some money take chill you

That day then adey laugh put inside but ano really like that name,

That be when I tell you say make you never call me Tapoli again

Some day you catch me say adey come kut lotto

You tear me warning say make I shon, else I go make single pass the number I write for my paper top

That day you show me say eno be the lotto pɛ then edey at stake

Like gari, anything you tell me then adey soak

Then my paddies sef dey call me Tujimi – yea, like the rice

Because then your botoss dey make I mad for you

If I talk say adey kai all the things, dem no go burry you today Akweley, because I go talk saa

Adey love you waa but some people no dey believe me

As adey stand here sef, some people dey talk say me I kill you

Dem say as you die wey I come blow big money so ebi sakawa

Akweley, you die, but if ebi me I kill you paa then make I turn mumu

But if eno be me I kill you, make everyone edey accus emkjvdSKmMmm-mmm mmMm- Mm

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