The Moment I Made It

I sit back relaxing in the couch… casting my mind back to the past couple of months, years perhaps… enjoying the great view sprawled out before me… revelling in the all too familiar sensation, this feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. My reverie is interrupted by a shrill scream… I hear my daughter running about the patio… amidst fits of laughter. My brows crease ever slightly in mild annoyance. Her brother chases her with a squirt water gun – the mean little thing. I shrug off, realizing he took after me. I call out to her to come running into my arms, I offer protection from Squirtman. I laugh heartily as I see her turn towards me, running wobbly into the fortitude of my arms. I hug and lift her up, to soar above her ‘nemesis’. I hear a very familiar tsk-tsk behind me, causing me to roll my eyes. I turn to face my ever beautiful and loving wife, standing in the doorway… and I give her the look. She eyes the phone I’d left on the table. She understands, she smiles, she gives me a slight nod. I grin goofily this time. She knows. She knows I’d just been awarded the contract. I raise my head upwards, closing my eyes, and mumble a quick prayer of gratitude to God… for in that moment, I knew my life was complete.

For in that moment, I’ll know I’ve made it.

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