Potter’s Detention

Harry paused outside the door to her office and sighed deeply. He had barely knocked a second time when the door opened, Professor Umbridge standing at the entrance.
“Aha! Harry, right on time, come in.”
He stood befuddled at the door staring at the professor in her pink night gown. He walked in and looked around the office, taking in everything at once since it was his first time in there.
“Professor, I’m here for my detention.” He had been wondering what she had in store for him. She giggled like a gargoyle with mischief playing on its mind and fetched her wand off her desk.
“Yes Harry, you’re here to be punished.. because deep down you know you deserve to be punished for your manly outbursts in class today.” She closed the shutters and draped the curtains with a flick of her wand.
“Drop your wand on the desk Harry, you won’t be needing that kind of wand tonight” she giggled again. He quietly obeyed.
With sweeping gestures of her wand, she cleared space in the the middle of the office, conjured a plush couch and sat down.
“Colloportus! Muffliato!” She cast the spells in quick succession, locking the door and ensuring no one from outside heard what was going on inside.
“Come over here, Potter!”
He looked on, his trepidation growing with each passing moment.
“Pro-Professor Umb-Umbri-“
“Mimble wimble!” She cast a tongue-tying spell on him. “There shall be no ‘Professor Umbridge’ here this evening, you shall refer to me as ‘Dolly-dolly’ during the span of your detention.” He eyed his wand, wondering if he’ll be quick enough to reach it and catch the professor off-guard.
“Don’t even think about it,” Umbridge caught him taking sneak peaks. “Accio wand!” With that she locked his wand in her cabinet. “Start disrobing, Potter.”


The number of students in the common room kept dwindling by the minute. Hermione had long gone to sleep but Ron stayed on to catch Harry before bed. He held the Marauder’s map in his hand, following the whereabouts of other students and staff around Hogwarts just to while away time. His attention was however focused on Professor Umbridge’s office and he couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in there. Harry and the professor were too close to each other- pratically on top of each other, and he wished the map came with a spell to enable its users watch events live.
He decided against waking Hermione up and headed out of the Gryffindor common room through the portrait of  the Fat Lady. On second thought, he went back to fetch Harry’s invisibility cloak from his trunk… then he headed towards Professor Umbridge’s office, unseen by anyone.

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