Feelings, Literature and Adulterous Things 

‘I know this situation is only temporary, and it’s not going to last… but I can enjoy the time we have together for what it is. I can’t say I won’t be a little sad when you do go back to him though.’

“Why do you have to go ahead and ruin the moment? Who gave you that permission?” She snuggles closer to him and cups his face with her hand, gently ruffling his beard. “It almost sounds as if you just quoted from a book.” She gives him a peck on his shoulder and rests her head on his chest.

“I did, as a matter of fact.. doesn’t imply I  don’t mean it though.” He pulls her closer into a one-arm embrace, the bed squeaks from the movement. “I’d give a lot to make this last a while longer.”

“Ugh! You seriously need to work on your post-coital conversation skills,” she playfully scolds him. “It sucks. You suck.” She giggles. She feels him tense a bit and almost regrets it.

“Oh? I suck?” In a swift movement he heaves himself upright on the bed and yanks the duvet out of her hand, revealing her still nude figure from their prior engagement.

“Oh please please please” she feigns trepidation.

“Your acting sucks, chale” he laughs as he tries to pin her arms down on the bed. “It clearly shows that you want this.”

“You know me too well..” she coyly concurs, “let’s see how well you suck at this.” She pulls him closer towards her.

“Was that a pun and an oxymoronic phrase at the same damn time?!” he looks at her with a devilish grin growing on his face.

“Oh I was taught well.” She winks.

He pauses and looks hardly at her face, a bit pensive. “I’m going to miss you when your husband returns from this trip of his.” With that, he buries his face in her bosom.

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