based on a tro story II

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She inserted the earpiece once again and tapped it furiously. Like earlier trials, it failed to produce any sound even though she was playing music on her phone. In the brief rush for a seat on board the trotro, she had managed to spoil her earpiece. She couldn’t even be mad because she blamed herself for being so careless. She just hoped she wouldn’t be in dire need of an earpiece till she got back home. She slid the window close to a crack space because the air was messing with her hair.

She watched the guy seated next to her pull out a 50 cedi note from his wallet and wondered why he didn’t want to pay with any of the 2 cedi notes he pushed further into his walle-

“Ayooo. Anuanom ne Adofonom…..”

She looked up; Ugh. These people. She really needed the earpiece to work now.. She gave it another try.


This be the thing I always dey talk about. If uno dey like the air make uno sit by the window. He didn’t see why the the trotro would be this hot and someone would decide to keep the window shut. He was getting grumpier by the minute. See, ein earpiece sef no correct. He had noticed her trying to adjust the cord of her earpiece for several moments now. Mtchew! He looked at her and surprisingly, he found her quite attractive. Aye. Be like she fine o. He felt his annoyance slowly abating and he kept taking sneak peeks at her.

“Madam.. Open the window small eh. Abeg”


“….Good Aftrun oo….”

The responses weren’t as forthcoming as he had expected – tough crowd. He knew there and then that his regular methods would not work on these passengers, he had to change tact if he wanted to meet his target.

“Mo ngye me so wai… Good Aftrun..” 

He got a few scattered ‘Good Afternoon’s in reply, one slightly better than the earlier response.

“Ayooo.. Mamba no bɔne mu. Yɛfrɛ me Charrs.. Wotumi di ‘Dockuta’ ka ho fri sɛ me sa nyarewa bebree…” 

A few grins and scattered chuckles, he smiled. He looked into his bag and brought out some ointments. He then began his sales presentation.


The driver adjusted his rear-view mirror to monitor what was ensuing behind him in the trotro. He was just about to play music from his stereo and now someone else has seized the brief opportunity to address the passengers. He didn’t bother much, he just hoped the man standing in the car now would finish with whatever he was doing so he could play his music.


“Yessss.. back seat. Monyɛ no baako wai”

He looked at the notes clutched in his hand. He knew he could manage and get change for everyone, so far as nobody paid with a 20 cedi note or more. He looked expectantly at the back-seaters as they tried to sort their fares and pass it on to him.


Aboa. Today e be free ride I go get if change no dey. He had a sly grin on his face with the readiness to take the pettiness to another level. Abi you show me, me too I go show you. Hwɛ.

He held the 50 cedi quite visibly – a very fresh note, not yet tainted by soiled hands. He kept throwing short glances at the girl seated next to him, trying to muster courage to talk to her.

The girl fine o, what! I sure say she go feel me forken. I go show am Big Boy levels.


She caught him taking sneak peeks at her boobs and she smiled despite her slight annoyance. Ah this guy paa. She just feigned an apparent lack of awareness and looked out as the trotro sped along.

“Hi ohemaa.. You dey nice me forken.”

She felt his soft tap on her arm and turned to look at him with a blank expression on her face.

You be fine o. What’s your name abeg?”

“I don’t talk to guys who take trotro” then she went back to looking outside as the car sped along.

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