One or Two Distins

He was glad dusk was quickly approaching, especially because the thick curtains did well to block the receding rays of twilight entering the room. She lay next to him on the bed, seemingly glued to the movie showing on the laptop she had set up by the bed. He didn’t usually like entering the room when he visited her hostel, the perks of having his own car, but this time around they had the room to themselves as her other two roommates were out making their own rounds.

He fidgeted with his phone one last time, trying to work his courage to make his move. Slyly, he stretched himself and snuck his hand beneath the pillow she lay on,  successfully pulling her into a cuddling position – loosely spooning her from behind. He felt his heart beating rapidly, almost as if it were running wild within his chest.. like a phone thief being chased through the streets of Circle. He allowed himself a wry grin when she didn’t pull away from his sneaky embrace and almost wiggled on the bed from excitement.

Trying not to act too rash, he tentatively brushed aside loose stands of hair covering her face and he tucked them behind her right ear. She feigned obliviousness to what he was doing as she still stared straight ahead at the movie playing on the laptop. He gave a mental hehe and moved in to plant a kiss on her lips.. like a maize farmer about to take advantage of the wetness of the soil in the rainy season.

“Wait wait what are you doing?”

He paused in mid-plant and stared at her questioning face. He could see the confusion of his own face mirrored in her eyes.

‘Mepɛsɛ me twa wo one or two kisses, what you saying?’ He replied and tried to kiss her again.

“Ah wait wait..” she tried to wriggle away from his embrace. “You’ll get me in trouble.”

He sat up straight, very confused, frustration showing all over his face. ‘Get you in trouble how? You told me I could come today.. I drove all the way.’

She bit her lip, thinking for a moment. “You know my father is a pastor, he’ll see us kissing in a vision then I’ll be in trouble. He has an All-Night service today.”

He looked at her with a frown on his face, trying hard to keep his anger under control. In the short silence that followed, he tried to remain calm and even considered begging her… then with an imploring tone, he said to her:

“Wodeɛ ma me nmia wo nufu” 

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